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Yes, we know the struggle finding the best courier company for your business or online store, so that’s why we started our own courier company to assist business owners like yourself.

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As business owners ourselves we know how frustrating it can get to find that special service from a courier company, you know the ones that actually answer their phones… 

Well, because we also work with allot of business owners with an online store we thought, what a great idea it will be if we can offer this not only as an extra to our current clients but also to the public.

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Our Services

Our Services


Online store owners

Do you have an online store and need to get your customers packages couriered in South Africa? Then this is perfect for you!

General business owners

Are you a CEO or Director of a company and need to get those important documents to your clients or fellow directors? Why don't you put those documents in safe hands!

General Public

Yes, our main target are business owners, but why not give our excellent service to the remainder of the public as well. So go ahead! Spread the word.